Deborah Corrigan - Kindergarten

I am stepping into my 9th year of educating young minds. The adventure and fun in teaching is immeasurable. I started my path to college after my children were born, taking classes at night and in the summer. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary education with an endorsement in early childhood education. Working in both, the public school system as well as Charter schools, it has been very fulfilling. 

It has been my goal to continue my education in reaching my Master’s Degree. I am currently taking online classes. I believe it is important to be a positive role model to my students with always reaching to achieve a higher education.

I am the proud mother of 3 wonderful children and 3 grandchildren. I have lovingly adopted a boy of 9 and a girl of 10. I was born in Colorado, but I have lived in Arizona most of my life, residing prominently in the east valley. I currently live in San Tan Valley. I am active in my community with boys and girls scouts, as well as a member of a small church. My hobbies are baking, dancing, gardening, and making my grandchildren laugh. Family is very important to me.

My philosophy is reaching each child on their individual level. It’s important to have students become independent and responsible for their own path while having a hand in allowing them to feel confident. Each student has no ceiling in learning. The product of a good day is knowing that students feel confident in what they learned that day. My class is always diverse in how they learn, both with small whole group lessons as well as small group activities. I enjoy one on one learning, and have that ability to work with each student to help them reach their individual goals. Helping them to be leaders of themselves is a great accomplishment. Teaching children when they don’t realize they are learning is an important goal.